Beasts of Burden

Free and wild, as they should be.

On the other side of the world, a highly-stressed Asian elephant in India has recently ‘rampaged’ through Kerala, trampling on motorcycles and tuk-tuks and was eventually brought down by tranquilliser shots, amidst pandemonium. These elephants succumb to consistent, high levels of stress in chaotic, unnatural environments in densely populated and polluted cities, and forced to be beasts of burden as they have done for over 5000 years in India: to give rides, and to pull cargo. This unnatural life unsurprisingly leads to them being excessively frustrated, and will at some point come to a breaking point and lash out, as any elephant would do… or as any human would do.

In this area, the elephant is heralded as a God, yet they are forced to endure this kind of life, and in many cases, leads to their deaths because they are ‘uncontrollable.’ When this concept is juxtaposed with the freedom that these wild African elephants enjoy, it seems all the more absurd.

May there be a day where no animal should ever have to be a beast of burden for man. For our role is not to domesticate wild creatures- but to ensure they live freely and in the wild, so they can be free to be elephants.

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