The largest zebra of them all

The largest zebras around: the Grevy’s zebra. These beauties have thin vertical stripes and almost completely white bellies, bar a thick black stripe down its middle, a distinctive brown muzzle and round ears that are often floppy.

Beautiful, and endangered.

Their population fell by 50% over an 18 year period, and currently, there are only an estimated 2000 of these guys left. They once roamed the wilds of Somalia, Eritrea, and Djibouti, but of the few that remain, they hang around small patches in the northern parts of Kenya and southern Ethiopia. Their endangered status in Ethiopia is directly attributed to hunting. Elsewhere, habitat loss is due to overgrazing and farming, as usual.While their zebra counterparts are in good healthy numbers, if due care is not taken, these guys will be wiped off the face of the earth in the next few generations.

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