Rock a bye Dassie, on the rock top

The Rock Hyrax, or Rock Dassie, are creatures that love sun-baking on the tops of rocks as they have little control over temperature regulation. They also love hanging out in nooks and crannies of the rocks for protection, like these guys were doing.

These fascinating creatures have a score of unique traits and characteristics. They have excellent vision and a special membrane that covers the top part of its pupil so that it can look directly into the sun while on the lookout for flying predators. They have padded feet that can create a small vacuum to help them jump and climb on tricky rocky terrain; and while they mostly eat grass, if there’s none of that, they’ll eat anything that’s on the vegan menu, and from my personal research, quinoa pretzels. They’re also known to be easily ‘toilet-trained’, as they will naturally do their duties in one area. This is usually evidenced by white, crystallised material that has been hardened on the rocks on which they live. To add to their uniqueness, their closest living relative is the elephant.

Here’s to all creatures, great and small- and to those that are small, but that are so closely related to the great!

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