Born in Australia, Bee-Elle specialises in wildlife photography. Her passion stems from a lifelong and profound respect for animals and a strongly felt connection with the African savannah.

A sensitive and empathetic observer of nature, Bee-Elle focuses on portraiture of animals in their natural habitats. Her signature approach of combining natural elements with various treatment of natural light and shadow allows her to express her respect for animals through her own style, and to evoke in others a deeper inquiry and appreciation of the lives of our fellow animals in their natural way of being.

Her commitment to being a voice for animals has seen her, from a young age, promoting awareness of animal rights at public events, and committing to vegetarianism. She continues to provide support to various animal welfare organisations.

She puts to use her understanding of socioeconomic issues and her international experience to promote awareness of wildlife conservation; and through her photography, which allows her to creatively express her reverence for life and fondness of animals, she creates calls for action to protect the natural world.

Bee-Elle desires a world where animals are respected as much as human lives are- free from exploitation, suffering, and unnecessary death.

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