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Stop! Hammer time.

Or Hamerkop time. With a head shaped like a hammer, this bird might possibly be one of the very few creatures that has more than half a dozen names. Due to their uniqueness, they have been difficult to classify. While they fall into the pelican and cormorant group, they solely occupy its own family and genus and have a class of their own- how’s that. In addition, it is the closest relative to the beautiful, unique, and somewhat intimidating, Shoebill Stork. Well, they do say the most divergent beings are invariably the more interesting ones…

In mating rituals, the hamerkop are known to run around each other in circles in groups of 10 or more; they will falsely mount each other in these rituals, sometimes even in the wrong direction; and they have a particular liking to building massive nests, up to rituals, sometimes even in the wrong direction; and they have a particular liking to building massive nests, up to 2m/6.5ft deep and wide, regardless of whether they want to breed. Though they will be loyal and have 1 partner for life.

Here’s to being unique, divergent, and not having to fit into any one category, as the Hamerkop does naturally- and very well indeed.

“Today you are You, That is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than you.”

-Dr Seuss