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In the name of sport

A female bushbuck by the lake during the last light.

These antelope hang out in greener pastures, literally, in and around forests, bushland and water sources.

They are also frequently hunted for sport. Everything about how to successfully gun down one of these creatures is well documented: recommended calibre, ammunition grade, gun scope, shooting distance, shot placement. It is nothing more than a game and a scientific approach to destroying life. Whether the IUCN rank them as endangered or not, it’s an antiquated sport that robs innocent animals of their lives in the name of entertainment. How would we explain this to the next generation?

Trophy hunting needs to be banned because all lives matter.

Topi extinct in 6 countries

Although numbers of the topi remain healthy, significant displacement of populations have occurred throughout the continent and are now extinct in 6 countries that they once used to roam. Again, this is due to the usual suspects: hunting for meat, and habitat loss due to cattle grazers.

Maintaining sustainable livelihoods and environmental conservation will always be a challenging balance to strike, and in many cases, the scale seems to invariably tip in favour of preserving the way of life of people, before animals. The question is not how we put animals first- but to ensure that in all our actions, we respect and consider the implications our actions have on the lives of other species and their habitats.