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Do elephants run?

While ellies aren’t usually associated with high speeds, they sure are fast. When necessary, they can clock speeds of up to 15mph / 40kmh. But speed isn’t the only defining factor of a run- it’s also the gait. Unlike most quadrupeds, elephants neither gallop or trot, but walk extremely fast and bounce without leaving the ground, allowing their centre of mass to move along faster.

Is this considered a run? The folks at Stanford believe so due to this bounce factor- which can also help us to understand how dinosaurs once moved.

However you wish to define it, this bull elephant was clearly on a mission and quickly gaining speed while approaching another bull. Best to respect that mission, stay clear and watch this beautiful speedy being from afar!

Making space for giants

On April 30, 120 tonnes of seized ivory will be piled high and lit in a pyre at Nairobi National Park. These tusks are of course only a fraction of the ivory that comes from the 33,000 elephants that are killed every year.

The ivory burn is set to take place while movers and shakers from the continent will come together at a summit for The Giants Club, an initiative started by the presidents of Kenya, Uganda, Gabon and Botswana to save the African elephant from extinction. Hosted by Kenya’s president Uhuru Kenyatta, celebrities, global business leaders, senior conservationists and elephant-protection experts will be coming together over April 29 and 30 in Nairobi to discuss the way forward and to forge new plans to reach the goal of protecting at least 10% of Africa’s elephants by 2020.

This summit will strengthen the home-grown, African-led drive to stop the trade. May this create another boost to escalate the efforts from the continent to protect these giants, and hopefully complex issues including corruption and lack of enforcement can be addressed so that the murder of elephants can be stopped once and for all.