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Mr Borsak, MP, eats elephants

Sliced elephant strips, fried in butter, anyone? Or dried elephant? Tasty, like biltong.

In any democracy you will get the occasional ‘surprise’ voted into politics. Mr Borsak, an MP of New South Wales, is one of those surprises and hopefully he only represents an extreme minority.

He’s admitted to shooting African elephants for fun, relishing in eating them fried in butter, and describing the taste as being delightfully similar to venison.

Need I say more?

With the Australian federal election coming up on July 2nd, let’s hope the ballot papers from the people will reflect balanced, progressive, just and forward thinking- and leave out the shoot-wild-elephants kind of people from Parliament.

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Mara, in the Maa language, means spotted, or dotted across the landscape. Sometimes one word can encapsulate the feeling of an image. The rest can be spoken by the image itself.

Here is the Mara, lightly sprinkled with an acacia tree and a family of 9 elephants. Naturally beautiful, and perfect as is. May this land never change, be protected from human development, and may all the animals within it be safe here. For it is their land as much as it is ours.

Let us respect nature, and what the earth has given us; and may we respect all creatures, great and small.