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A win: no more elephant performances at Ringling Bros

Another landmark win for the beautiful giants- the famous Ringling Bros circus in the U.S., after 145 years, has put an end to elephant performances. Things are moving in the right direction. Change can and does happen.

The way life should be for an elephant

The way life should be for an elephant: wild and free.

No mahouts, no sticks, no chains, no fences, no shackles, no cages. May they be afforded their rightful freedoms in the same way the world strives to uphold the rights of humans: to be free, to be safe from cruelty and unnecessary death, and to live without fear or suffering.

We are not superior to any other animal on this earth. This earth was meant for all of us.

“The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man.”

– Charles Darwin